Dr. Harry Direen is an electronic and software engineering consultant and innovation expert creating technical solutions for real world systems.

Areas of Expertise

  • Electrical / Electronic Engineering including digital, analog and RF circuits
  • Software Engineering and Systems
  • Control Systems including Embedded Control Systems
  • High Performance Computing, multi-threading, shared memory, and GPGPU
  • Signal Processing and Sensors
  • Image Processing
  • UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) / Drone autonomous control
  • Intellectual Property litigation; patent infringement analysis
  • Product software and hardware reverse engineering
  • Over 40 years of experience in the electronics and software engineering field


  • Ph.D. Electronics Engineering/ Control Systems, University of Colorado, 1996
    • Thesis: Optimization of Wavelet Basis Controllers for Nonlinear Systems with Applications to Learning Control Systems
  • BSEE, University of California at Irvine, 1982

Litigation Support Experience

  • Over 20 case involving intellectual property, patent infringement, patent validity, IPRs and CBMs.
  • Over 58 product reverse engineering cases involving patent infringement


  • Professional Engineer, June 2009 – Present
  • Colorado State Board of Licensure, License 43218
  • Seak Expert Witness Training
    • How to Excel and Succeed as an Expert Witness in Patent Cases
    • How to Excel at our Expert Witness Deposition

Dr. Direen has over 40 years of experience as an engineer designing, developing and innovating systems in the electronics and software industry. He has substantial experience as an expert witness supporting counsel and testifying in complex patent infringement cases.

Dr. Direen has reversed engineered a variety of complex systems over the years, including: media players, modems, modem compression algorithms, coriolis mass flow meters, database systems, and a range of other products to support patent infringement cases generating detailed claim charts and writing expert reports to demonstrate infringement. He has successfully discovered and analyzed complex digital signal processing algorithms and pertinent operations within these products.

Dr. Direen has experience as an expert witness in multiple patent litigation cases, including cases involving encryption / decryption methods associated with databases; signal processing within a coriolis flow meter; surveillance systems; security systems; and embedded control systems. Dr. Direen has a strong knack for being able to explain complex systems to laymen. He has testified in three patent litigation trials and in eight depositions.

Dr. Direen has taught engineering courses at the US Air Force Academy, and at the University of Colorado. Dr. Direen works with the Unmanned Aerial Systems research group at the US Air Force Academy designing and developing autonomous control systems, image processing algorithms, and GPS denied navigation, using GPGPUs (General Purpose Graphics Processing Units) for UAVs/Drones. Dr. Direen’s innovative embedded mission control system software controls unmanned, autonomous, and cooperative aircraft for missions involved in target search, target acquisition, and target tracking. The control system has a range of capabilities: it captured images of potential ground targets; handles image and target processing; handles GPS denied navigation; sensor fusion; communications with aircraft avionics; communications with ground stations and other aircraft and unmanned assets; and handles all command and control decisions and processes to carry out the aircraft’s mission. In addition, the system provides GPS denied navigation

Dr. Direen is developing a wheelchair control systems which allow a person with quadriplegia to drive and control the chair with head movements. He is working with a neurosurgeon and therapists to better understand issues and capabilities of people with spinal cord injuries. Goals of the project are moving beyond wheelchair control to provide a range of support systems for people with quadriplegia and other related spinal cord injuries.

Dr. Direen is an inventor on three patents.

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