DireenTech Inc.
Role: COO, Consultant
March 2003 – Present (12 years) | Colorado Springs, Colorado Area

  • Software design and development.
  • Electronic hardware design and development.
  • Patent analysis.
  • Product reverse engineering and patent forensics.
  • Expert Witness.
  • Company Management.

US Air Force Academy
Role: Researcher
May 2011 – Present | US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO

  • Researcher for the US Air Force Academy Center for UAS Research, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Harry has a big role in designing and developing the embedded mission control system software for the US Air Force Academy’s unmanned aerial systems. This software controls unmanned, autonomous, and cooperative aircraft for missions involved in target search, acquisition and tracking. The control system has various capabilities: it captured images of potential ground targets; handles image processing; sensor fusion; communications with aircraft avionics; communications with ground stations and other aircraft and unmanned assets; and handles all command and control decisions and processes to carry out the aircraft’s mission.

US Air Force Academy
Role: Instructor of Electrical Engineering
January 2011 – May 2011 (5 months) | Colorado Springs, Colorado Area

  • Taught ECE315, an electronic engineering course for non-engineering majors. The course covered DC electronics through radar systems.

Role: Chief Architect
2003 – November 2010 (7 years)

  • XML Database design and development.

Role: Principal/Consulting Engineer
1999 – 2009 (10 years) | Colorado Springs, Colorado Area

  • Designed and developed an XML database technology
  • Digital Pattern Processing
  • Bio-Informatics

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Role: Honorarium Instructor
January 1999 – May 2000 (1 year 5 months) | Colorado Springs, Colorado Area

  • Taught: Engineering Probability and Statistics (Under graduate level)
  • Taught: Nonlinear Adaptive Control Systems (Graduate level)

MKS Instruments
Engineering Manager
1996 – 1999 (3 years)

  • Ran the engineering department that developed high power RF amplifiers for MRI systems.
  • Design and development of control systems for RF amplifiers and RF generators.


  • Ph.D. Electronics Engineering/ Control Systems, University of Colorado, 1996
  • BSEE, University of California at Irvine, 1982


Knowledge Management in BioInformatics

March 1, 2003 | Chapter 10 of “XML and Databases”, Addison-Wesley
The book chapter provided an overview of knowledge management using an XML database within the bioinformatics field.

Knowledge Management through a Fully Extensible, Schema Independent, XML Database

November 1, 2001
Proceedings of the 23rd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.

Pointwise Conditions for Improving Control on a Known Region of Asymptotic Stability

June 1, 1997
Proceedings of the 1997 American Control Conference.

Optimization of Wavelet Basis Controllers for Nonlinear Systems with Applications to Learning Control Systems

May 6, 1996 | University of Colorado
Ph.D. Thesis


Professional Engineer
June 2009 – Present
Colorado State Board of Licensure, License 43218