Innovative Development

We use digital signals to perform a variety of signal processing operations. These operations span a broad range of applications: graphics, image, GPS, wireless, RF, and UAV systems.

Our experience in these areas enable us to break through boundaries. For example, we have been successful in using fast and efficient General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU) in UAVs/drones. This implementation provides fast and autonomous target identification and GPS denied navigation solutions.

We are innovators. We developed digital frameworks which enable designers to rapidly develop and test software systems for UAVs and drones. We also provide simple means to define missions based on scripting.

Explore Our Applications

Graphics and image processing are key components in how our software works. With the help of Inertial Measurement Units (IMU), signal processing, and captured graphics we are able to provide our software with information that is key to the functionality of our systems.

For instance, graphics processing aid in the Neurogroove project by showing how the head is specifically tilted and rotated, which allows for control of the user’s vehicle. Real-time image processing on images captured during flight of our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) find targets on the ground and allow target tracking.  The graphics processing supports GPS denied tracking of the UAV’s location.

Utilizing GPS allows Direentech to expand our technology’s capabilities when applying our software to real world situations. One example of GPS integration can be observed with our work with the Air Force Academy in Colorado, our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) utilize GPS so our team of engineers can track the position and velocity of the drone. The information is critical in the autonomous control of UAVs to meet mission goals.  

Wireless communication is a vital resource when operating our state of the art technology. Employing wireless transmission enables our engineering team access to a range of information in real time, such as, vehicle location, speed, attitude, target data, command and control, and images shared over wireless communications between UAV’s and ground stations.   

DireenTech has an extensive background in radio frequency and microwave design engineering and antenna design. Radio frequency is an essential component in systems that need to communicate wirelessly.