What kinds of cases can we help with?

In many trials, it is the evidence of the expert witness that ensures a just outcome. An expert witness must have the right credentials and the ability to connect with a jury. DireenTech’s experts are board certified engineers who have achieved the highest qualifications. They are comfortable and competent explaining complex phenomena in simple terms anyone can understand—either in the classroom, at a deposition, or on the stand.

Dr. Direen at DireenTech has substantial experience as an expert witness supporting counsel and testifying in complex patent infringement and intellectual property cases. We have expert knowledge with cases involving infringement, non-infringement, patent validity/invalidity, Inter-Partes Review (IPR), Covered Business Method Review (CBM), and International Trade Commision (ITC) cases.  

DireenTech works with law firms on patent IPR and CBM  processes.  We have experience in evaluating and analysing patents and patent claims against prior art to determine whether or not patent claims are anticipated or rendered obvious by prior-art references.  We have helped the legal team evaluate patent 101 issues, enablement issues, and a range of other legal challenges against patents.

DireenTech can apply our experience with International Trade Commission to assist in your patent infringement cases dealing with importation. ITC patent infringement cases are fast paced and DireenTech is up the challenge of meeting the case’s rigorous process and deadlines.

Our Approach

Our team has a thorough regimen to ensure valid data and research is applied in our investigative cases. Our process typically involves starting off with an evaluation of the case to understand the matter at hand.  If the case involves patent infringement, the patents are obtained and studied to understand the technology of the claimed invention. Patent file histories are often obtained to understand the background of the technology. Next, the accused product is studied to determine how it relates to the claimed invention.  Often product reverse engineering is required to determine whether or not key operations of the product operate within the bounds of the patent claims.  DireenTech has extensive experience in reverse engineering both electronic hardware and software to determine whether or not a product is operating within the claims of one or more patents.  DireenTech has experience in testing and analyzing product operation including designing and building specialized test fixtures.  DireenTech generates detailed claim charts or evidence of use charts to clearly show how a product is operating within the bounds of patent claims.

Dr. Direen has successfully reversed engineered a variety of complex systems over the years, including: media players, modems, modem compression algorithms, coriolis mass flow meters, database systems, and a wide range of other products to support patent infringement cases generating detailed claim charts and writing expert reports to demonstrate infringement.

Background Experience

Most of our Colorado and nationwide clients approach DireenTech for our trusted advice on patent infringement cases.  Dr. Direen has testified as an expert witness a variety of patent litigation cases, including cases involving encryption/decryption methods within databases; signal processing within a coriolis flow meters; mobile video surveillance system;  merchandise security systems; and motor control systems. He has a strong knack for being able to explain complex systems to laymen. Dr. Direen has testified on cases in Connecticut, East Texas and Washington DC.  He has also worked on cases in California, Colorado, Florida and Georgia.  

Meet Dr. Harry Direen