Patent forensics is the advanced analysis of patents by a technical expert—such as DireenTech. We have the credentials and experience to spot potential conflicts. We can potentially save companies millions of dollars in liability and litigation costs.

DireenTech handles discovery, claim charting, report writing and court testifying. The discovery work includes electronic hardware and software reverse engineering to compare products against patented technology and the claims of the patents. DireenTech has successfully reverse engineered a wide range of highly complex products to determine whether or not the product infringes specified patent claims.

DireenTech has experience in cases involving: security systems, encryption systems, databases, embedded control systems, digital signal processing, microcontrollers, coriolis flowmeters, and more.

DireenTech has experience analyzing patents for anticipation, obviousness, enablement and more. There is great risk involved in taking patent cases to trial, and litigation costs are soaring.

You need the DireenTech team. We find solutions to patent disputes.