Software Experts

We live in a world where software controls critical systems—everything from cars to electrical grids. Software can kill. For example, poorly-designed navigation or target recognition software can have serious consequences. You need the highest level of credentials, education, and experience for your software project. This is why people choose DireenTech. DireenTech’s engineers have achieved the highest level credentials, education, and experience in this field.

Software we designed and implemented facilitates spherical near-field antenna measurements. Using spherical harmonic transformations, our software computes far-field antenna patterns for a given antenna system. Our software has been used for antenna measurements in several industries.

Other Specialties

In addition to our transformation software, we developed a general purpose UAV software platform. This platform supports:

  • UAV control
  • Fixed wing and quadcopter/hexacopter style airframes
  • Target identification and tracking using GPGUPs
  • GPGPU navigation in GPS denied navigation environments
  • Determination of target velocity.
  • Autonomous target classification, such as identifying cars, people, animals, buildings, etc., within an image