Falci Adaptive Biosystems is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping those with neuromotor disabilities increase their ability to control and interact with their environment.

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DireenTech has an exciting role in a wonderful project sponsored by the US Air Force. As part of the NeuroGroove Engineering team, we worked with FalconWorks and Flaci Adaptive Biosystems to design and build a comfortable and intuitive control system. This control system allowed quadriplegics to gain independence. The opera- tor used a COTS Recon Jet headset to control his Permobil electric wheelchair.

  • Phase one of this project was to use the headset in a race car simulator. The race car is controlled by tilting the head in the appropriate direction.
  • Phase two is to use the headset to control a Permobil electric wheelchair. The headset connects to the wheelchair through an Android interface.
  • Phase three will incorporate the control system in a race car.

The control system we designed for quadriplegics is reliable, comfortable, and intuitive.